Build $70

Swap $20

Standard True $15

Major True $25

Hub Overhaul Front $20

Hub Overhaul Rear $25

Install Tube or Tire on Bike $8

Spoke Replacement (without spoke) $20


Pedals $5

Front or Rear Derailleur $20

Rear Wheel $15

Handlebar $16

Freewheel or Cassette $6

Complete Tubeless Setup (per wheel) $25


Assemble and Tune Bike Out of Box $65

Box Bike for Shipping (includes packaging) $65​​


​Rear Derailleur Adjust $15

Front Derailleur Adjust $15

Align Derailleur Hanger $10

Install Chain $8


Brake Adjust $10

Bleed Hydraulic Disc Brake $25

Install / Bleed Hydraulic Brake $35

True Brake Rotor $10

Bars, Brake Levers & Shifters

Shifter Repair (flush and lube) $15

Install Aero Bar with Shifters $65

Wrap Tape on Drop Bars $15

Wrap Tape on Drop Bars + Aero Bars $25

Install New Cable and housing Kit

(derailleur or brake) $15


Install Suspension Fork $40

Overhaul Suspension Fork

(not including damper or parts) $70

Repairs & Services

All prices shown represent common labor rates based on average bikes and equipment.  

Actual prices are subject to change based on bikes and components being worked on. 

We stand behind all of our work and back it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are ever not satisfied with the work we performed we'll continue to service the bike until it is right.​​