Prodeco Stride R 500/400 8 Speed Electric Bicycle.

​​These are bikes, and this is fun!

Sure a bike can help you get fit, but a good bike ride can lift your spirits and change your mood - there comes a time when you just want to forget your problems and feel the breeze on your face.  A bike ride can also change your perspective and show you a different side of a places you'd normally just see through a window.

Opened in 2016 - BikeHermann is a small, new & used, and rental - full service bike shop in beautiful

 Hermann, Missouri.  

We're not here to sell you a bicycle. Don't get us wrong - we're a business and we need to make a living - but we rent, service, and sell bikes because we believe in the simple power and functionality of one of the best machines mankind has ever created.

We believe in the positive potential of a bicycle to impact one life and community.

Annual Fleet/Demo Sale

DLX Jubilee.

Hermann's home for bike rental

BikeHermann offers eBike, Hybrid Comfort, City, and Touring bikes so you can enjoy Hermann and the Katy Trail at your own pace and at your leisure.

(573) 259-4477

Civia Lowry 8-speed bicycle

​Rental - Cross Terrain bikes​

​Rental - Trail/Gravel/Adventure

​Rental - eBikes​

​Rental - Comfort /Hybrid bikes​

Hours:  Mon - Fri:   10:00 am - 6:00 pm

               Sat - Sun:     9:30 am - 6:00 pm